Explore our Learning Center for comprehensive insights on foot health, providing expert guidance and practical tips for maintaining optimal foot well-being.


  • DIABETIC MANAGEMENT: Expert care and guidance for diabetic patients to prevent and manage foot-related complications.

  • RECONSTRUCTIVE FOOT & ANKLE SURGERY: Advanced surgical interventions to restore function and alleviate pain caused by structural abnormalities.

  • CUSTOM FUNCTIONAL ORTHOTICS: Tailored orthotic devices designed to support and correct foot biomechanics for enhanced comfort and mobility.

  • SPORTS INJURIES: Comprehensive care for athletes, ranging from acute injuries to chronic conditions, to facilitate a safe return to activity.

  • WOUND CARE: Specialized wound management strategies to promote healing and prevent complications.

  • ARTHROSCOPIC SURGERY: Minimally invasive surgical techniques for diagnosing and treating various foot and ankle joint conditions.Here's some stuff

  • ENDOSCOPIC SURGERY: Advanced endoscopic procedures for precise visualization and treatment of soft tissue injuries and conditions.

  • NERVE ENTRAPMENTS: Evaluation and management of nerve-related disorders causing pain and dysfunction in the foot and ankle.

  • VASCULAR STUDIES: Diagnostic assessments to evaluate blood flow and circulation in the lower extremities, crucial for managing vascular conditions.

  • IN-HOUSE X-RAYS: Convenient on-site imaging services for prompt diagnosis and treatment planning.

  • DIABETIC SHOES & INSERTS: Specialized footwear and inserts designed to alleviate pressure points and reduce the risk of foot ulcers in diabetic patients.

3435 Pine Ridge Rd suite 102, Naples, FL 34109, USA

3435 Pine Ridge Rd, Suite 102

Naples, FL 34109

Cambridge Square, located 1 mile west of I-75, across from Naples Fire Department

(just before flashing light) on the north west corner of Pine Ridge and Livingston Road.




3435 Pine Ridge Rd, Suite 102